Politically Correct Bedtime Stories

Originally published in 1994, Politically Correct Bedtime Stories spent more than 60 weeks on the New York Times Bestseller list, eventually occupying the #1 spot for 8 weeks. Also a best seller in Canada and Great Britain, it has been translated into more than 25 languages and adapted numberless times for stage and radio. According to The Times of London: “It is beautiful. It demolishes, in few but elegant words, a dozen kinds of silliness. It is better than I can possibly convey.”

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From Cinderella rejecting unrealistic ideas of feminine beauty, to the Three Little Pigs arming themselves and overthrowing their imperialist wolf oppressors, all right-minded people will feel comfortable reading these enlightened versions to their little pre-adults.

Long out of print in the US, the book is now available in America in its British edition via IPG Books. This new edition contains the long-suppressed waterfowl classic, “The Duckling That Was Judged on Its Persunal Merits and Not on Its Physical Appearance”!


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