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“James Finn Garner isn’t a mere writer, he’s a virtuoso, a necromancer, a master of the tour de force!”
– Washington Post

“A master of modern satire.”
– Cleveland Plain-Dealer

“Deep and intelligent is his mockery.”
– The Times of London

“Wickedly funny stuff.”
– Detroit News

“Hillary and I have been enjoying your Politically Correct Bedtime Stories, and we look forward to your future work….I’ve given several copies to others—it’s hilarious!”
– President Bill Clinton


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Your only source for timely baseball doggerel: White Sox Thanks for Danks Dear Lord, we now give thanks That your boy, our John Danks, Is feeling stronger every outing And confident about an Improvement in delivery That’ll sure make batters quivery. We’re grateful that he never quits And seemed unfazed by all those hits He …