The Faintest Blip on the Radar

To any readers who may still peek in the windows here to see if anyone is alive under all those towers of old newspapers, I have to apologize. While up in Michigan this summer, my computer has apparently come down with a nervous disorder that I won’t be able to fix until I get back to town and have my DSL and reboot disks handy. So I’ll just have to use my vacation time away from the internet, like our forefathers did.

It has been an eventful summer so far, so this hiatus is frustrating, but not as frustrating as trying to download simple emails. Like I just tried to do for the past 45 minutes in the public library. From which I can’t SEND emails. But whatever.

Most recently, my family and I all piled up to Grand Rapids this past Saturday to check out my nephew’s Irish rebel band, The Waxies, and had a stupendous time. I urge you to check out their MySpace page and support Irish music in the heart of the West Michigan Dutch duchy.

The news of George Carlin’s death was a blow this past month. While his latest HBO’s specials were too screedy for my taste, his body of work was phenomenal. Whenever I correct Number 1 Son about his language lately, I need to remind myself that at his age, I was playing the album “Class Clown” over and over and learning all about the Seven Words, plus a few more that got me in trouble in Catholic junior high. A thought struck me a week ago that seemed like something Carlin would come up with, and for all I know, probably did. If I stole this from him, consider it flattery:

How can you have a circular driveway? If it were truly circular, you’d never be able to get off your property. Don’t you mean Semi-circular Drive? That would allow you to escape an endless loop of asphalt.

Of course, Carlin would have made it funny. RIP, George.

Be well, and I’ll return in three weeks.