“Honk Honk, My Darling” — New Podcast Just Podded!

Wow, it has been WAY too long since I put up a new chapter podcast for the book. Big apologies are in order, for those of you who are on the edge of your seat to see what new voices and accents I can mangle while trying to hide my mediocre acting chops.

But if you knew how many hours it took me to mix the last podcast (“Have Yourself a Monkey Little Christmas”, which is now taken down until next December), you’d certainly cut me some slack. By a rough estimation, aside from the actual recording of the episode, it takes at least 1 hour to mix 1 minute of narrative. Add into that my searching the web for just the perfect sound effect, and the time goes up further. Don’t get me wrong, I still love doing this — it’s just a scheduling commitment that I sometimes put off for other things, like paying bills or writing.

So here you go, Chapter 11. I hope you like it. And tell your friends and neighbors about it.

Upright Citizens Brigade Podcasts

The Chicago Reader asked me to submit an item about what “fascinates” me now on the Chicago scene. That was a pretty big lay-on, but I finally realized there’s something I’ve been recommending to people for a while: The Bear Down Podcast, hosted by my old friend Matt Walsh from LA.

But since that’s not so Chicago-centric, I decided to look into another old friend’s podcast. Improv4Humans is something new from Matt Besser, who like Walsh was a founding member of the Upright Citizens Brigade. He’s in Los Angeles now too, and you’ve seen him on “Modern Family”, “Raising Hope” and many other shows. But maybe if I put the TWO of them together, that makes it a Chicago event. I remember them back in the day, when they introduced the Bucket of Truth and the Titty Brothers at Theatre of the Bizarre. They have (sort of) grown up.

But I won’t waste time explaining why you should listen to both of these (because you really, really should). Instead, click this link and read the Culture Vulture piece in the Reader.

And if you want to go straight to the podcasts, click below:

The Bear Down Podcast