New Podcast for Rex Koko!

Hello there, fans of old-time radio. It feels like forever since I recorded and mixed a podcast for “Honk Honk, My Darling”, and I’m very sorry for it. After I had my hard drive replaced in April, the raw recordings I was making in Audacity kept coming out a little funny, like I was speaking through a paper tube. I tried to fix it with the program settings, and got a little advice from a producer friend of mine (“Try it again”), but still it kept happening.

“How bad could it be?” I asked myself, as I valiantly tried to mix the subpar recordings. “I’ll just tweak the brightness or horizontal hold, use the Noise Remover on every single track, and fake my way through everything. A lot of extra work, but the show must go on. No one would notice the difference anyway, right?”

And then I played the mixes for earlier podcasts, and realized I couldn’t continue until the problem was solved. After a little forum browsing, I tried one recommendation, to turn off the interior microphone driver in Windows. My laptop has no built-in mike anyway, but this setting was messing things up. So, deleted that driver, and woooolah!, problem solved.

So here, after one of the longer cliffhangers in recent memory,is Chapter 13. Brought to you by our friends at Schtuppenfuss Beer, the Deer Camp Beer. It’s Pilsenized!

And to get all the rest of them, go to the podcast page at the Rex Koko website.

We’re halfway there! More thrills and spills to come!