“Honk Honk, My Darling” — Podcast for Chapter 12 Now Up!

For everyone who couldn’t sleep wondering what was going to happen to Rex in the blacksmith shop, now you’ll have the answers. Are the Redd Brothers dumb enough to take on a policeman, even if he is a midget? What does Pinky know about the murders? And what does Rex turn up when he goes digging around in Berndt Bork’s workbench?

All brought to you by Genghis Khan Hair Tonic, the Barbarian’s Choice!

(Sorry this was so late. April flew by, what with spring break, computer meltdowns and other problems. If you enjoy this, please tell your friends and neighbors.)

Me, on “The Sunday Papers” with Rick Kogan

Those of you who don’t live in Chicago miss out on many local treasures. Chicago-style hot dogs, with the salad right on top. Italian beef sandwiches. Sailing on Lake Michigan, watching the most beautiful skyline in North America. And local journalists like Rick Kogan. Rick has been writing for the Chicago Tribune for years, following in the footsteps of his father Herman, and is perhaps a living embodiment of the old-school type of Chicago humanist and reporter. He BREATHES this city. Heck, he was named after Riccardo’s, a former hangout for journalists near Michigan Avenue.

I’m glad to call Rick my friend, because he has an eye and an impatience for frauds and bozos. So I was as pleased as a sport pepper to go on his WGN radio show yesterday morning and talk over Honk Honk, My Darling, as well as Bardball and the state of American culture in general. Rick is the only person I know on commercial radio who not only acknowledges that books are an important part to life, but actually gives over the majority of his show to talking with authors, some well-known, some a little less so. And talking to him is like getting a quick intravenous shot of every nightclub and newsmaker in the Second City. Thanks for a great time, Rick.

If you’d like to hear the interview (trust me, the banjo-and-fiddle music in the beginning fades quickly), click here.

The World According to Ozzie Guillen

Well, it didn’t take long for the Mouth from Venezuela to toss off some nonsense that offended the type of people who like to go into screaming fits about stupid things celebrity jocks say. It’s amusing to us in Chicago, because just like hurricanes and killer bees, we thought Florida would’ve been ready for it.

But Ozzie has opinions about LOTS of stuff. He called a friend of mine this week and unloaded about all sorts of hot-button issues, which you can find at the link below.

OZZIE CALLING @ Chicagoside.com