Is There a Fund for Cretins Like This?

Received the following email last week, on the heels of news about the other James Garner having a stroke:


I want to get a message to James Garner the actor, who has recently had a stroke, he was amiss in getting an official web site so I thought that I would ask you to get in touch with him and give him my best wishes.

This may seem strange but if you knew Indian folk lore you would not hesitate but would seek to tell him, on my behalf, that all is well.

I hope you are able to do this, if not do not worry, as all is well.

Thank you


So, if I have a complaint about George Bush, and I quite can’t figure out how to reach him, I should send it to the PR department of Bush’s Baked Beans and have them send it along?

Or if I’m looking for ski tips, I should randomly email people with Polish surnames.

I’ll get that message out right away, Wendy, even though “all is well”, because, er, we all know what THAT can mean.

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