My First Post for true/slant

true/slant is a very interesting new site for news and opinion. My friend Lou Carlozo has been posting there for a few months now, and he helped me get connected with the site. It’s quite a lot of fun to bounce around and see what the writers are thinking and commenting on one another. A few are journalists you’ve heard of–Matt Taibbi, Jamie Malanowski–and some are unknown but reporting from all over the world. It’s worth checking out.

Now for the next few months (at least), I’ll also be a contributor to the site. I’ve posted my first commentary and think you’ll like it. (If you’re sniffing around my site now, you know what to expect from me. No much reasoned analysis, lots of infantile humor.) If you like the essay, please register with true/slant and mark me down as someone you’re following. If I get enough readers following me, I get a pony.

Here’s the link for the essay, and an excerpt is below:

Dear Hugh Hefner:

I don’t know whether to thank you or sue you. For decades you’ve been blanketing America with acres and acres of pink, blemish-free female skin. You’ve been hawking the Playboy lifestyle of sophistication, erudition, and expensive electronics. You’ve been responsible for more elevated mattresses than Serta, Sealy and the Craftmatic Adjustable Bed combined.

But you had an agenda. You were trying to make me gay, weren’t you? (And I thought that’s what Details Magazine was for.)

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